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Deepak Chopra Is Designing Healthier, More Sustainable Homes

Deepak Chopra Is Designing Healthier, More Sustainable Homes

The first thing you notice upon entering Deepak Chopra’s sunny downtown New York home is the blissful silence, due to heavy-duty noise-canceling windows. The second? A faint but distinct scent of citrus wafting on the air. The two combine to create an apartment that feels worlds away from the smog, the street noise, and the general melee just a few floors below. And, of course, this is all by design.

Chopra serves on the board of Delos, a company committed to improving health and well-being via specially designed commercial and residential spaces; his input was critical in creating the building in which he now lives. To wit: Other innovative touches include purified air whose quality residents can track in real time with an app, lighting that can be adjusted according to individual circadian rhythms, and flooring that helps your posture. We sat down with the well-being guru to discuss how the partnership came about, his own preferences for interior design, and the details of his 90th book.

Architectural Digest: How did you get involved with Delos?

Deepak Chopra: I was approached by the founder of Delos during the initial phase. They’re in the business of taking what is called the Green Building Standard to the next level, which is called Well Building Standard. As we go further into their development, I’m hoping there will be a biosensor [component], where you can just walk into the building and check your blood pressure automatically, or your heart rate, stress levels, quality of your sleep, the amount of exercise you do, or heart rate variability.

An exterior view of the new PMG Muse in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, Chopra’s latest health-and-wellness design project with Delos.

Photo: Courtesy of Property Markets Group

AD: What were the most important elements you wanted to include in the building design?

DC: I think it was really important to recognize biological sustainability and environmental sustainability. This building is 100 percent sustainable. Environmental sustainability is becoming a big issue with climate change and everything else that’s happening in the world. [This building] is a drop in the ocean, but any little thing we can do to bring awareness is important. My goal is not to have a luxurious home in a fancy apartment in New York. I just want to bring awareness to the importance of the environment.

AD: Apart from sustainability, what do you look for when decorating your own home?

DC: Every sense should be stimulated in a way that’s joyful: textures and smells and colors. I have a more feminine design sensibility, rather than a masculine. You can tell the difference when you walk into an environment, whether it’s more gentle and feminine or more predatory.


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