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Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Nov. 8

Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Nov. 8

About an hour ago


V & K Investments LLC sold property at 41 Barton Drive to Marjorie Bennett for $156,000.

Jason Paul Taylor trustee sold property at 3863 Henley Drive to Shayla Woods for $265,000.


Nancy Brough trustee sold property at 503 Greendale Ave. to Adam Karpuszka for $265,000.

Lynsie Campbell sold property at 1026 Savannah Ave. to Corwin and Catalina Parker for $485,000.

Matthew Suffoletto sold property at 1029 Savannah Ave. to Mary Przybysz for $580,000.

Michelle Pirtle sold property at 104 Seddon Road to Lexicon Government Services LLC for $340,000.

Lexicon Government Services LLC sold property at 104 Seddon Road to Michael and Nicole Madden for $340,000.

Forest Hills

Estate of Michael Fitzurka sold property at 445 Atlantic Ave. to Harold Wadsworth Jr. for $112,000.

Tamera Ann Carter sold property at 1423 Brinton Road to D’Andre Corbin and Nicole Innes for $157,500.

Christina Mamakos sold property at 642 Filmore Road to Aedan Tracy for $177,000.

Leo Spaeder Jr. sold property at 425 Pacific Ave. to Anthony and Natalie Cowley for $186,007.

Mary Ann Snyder sold property at 125 Watt Lane to Aaron and Lindsey Barker for $139,900.


Timothy Slivka sold property at 101 103 First St. to Richard Bainbridge for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $60,658).

Rebecca Parry sold property at 1711 Melrose Ave. to Joseph Orr Jr. and Richelle Orr for $202,000.

Charles Bessone sold property at 305 Mulberry Lane to Painter Property Development LLC for $50,000.


Wendi Razey sold property at 42 Cleveland Ave. to Adam Slivka for $32,000.


Jason Jeung sold property at 641 Beatty Road to Joshua Michael and Laurel Michalek Stevens for $165,000.

Ian Bergbigler sold property at 4418 Burma Road to Shannon Leigh Connelly for $131,000.

First Commonwealth Bank sold property at 327 Coleman Drive to TPL Income Property Corp. for $131,000.

Estate of Rosann Incheck sold property at 754 Cottonwood Drive to Jeff and Mindy Weiner for $70,500.

I. N Rendall Harper III sold property at 129 Coventry Court to Aaron and Kelly Friez for $285,000.

Drew Shreve sold property at 754 Garden City Drive to Nicholas Lee and Allyson Edington Huneycutt for $145,000.

Steven Minnich sold property at 954 Harvard Road to Landen and Latrice Taylor for $245,000.

David Heid sold property at 150 Kelvington Drive to Anthony John Walach III and Nicole Ann Walach for $165,000.

Lindsay D Vavro Herlinger sold property at 2051 McKinney Road to Leanne Ledbetter for $62,000.

Robert Wilkinsonn sold property at 121 Oak Point Drive to Jason and India Pfeil for $253,000.

Estate of Stephen Perconte sold property at 4912 Old Frankstown Road to Timothy Nickerson and Nicole Buchanan for $215,000.

Cordelia Carter sold property at 1310 Woodland Drive to Segavepo LLC for $159,000.


William Yakshe sold property at 23 Buena Vista Drive to William Lawrence and Jennifer Marie Dunn for $255,880.

Keith Dolan sold property at 3203 Chalmers Ave. to James Sugden for $120,000.

Robert Brown sold property at 5759 Evans Road to Khoa Nguyen and Randi Turkewitz for $700,000.

Christopher Cerutti sold property at 3832 Goldie Lane to Mukul Rastogi for $273,000.

Gregory Callahan sold property at 4811 Greenhead Court to Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. for $715,000.

Nucompass Mobility Services Inc. sold property at 4811 Greenhead Court to Christopher and Rachael Owens for $715,000.

Christopher Miller sold property at 3402 Lashan Drive to Michael and Amanda Rhoten for $730,000.

Christopher Saxton sold property at 3457 McWilliams Road to David Schubert and Tricia Meehan for $356,000.

North Huntingdon

Heather Schultheis sold property at 1590 Second St. to Samantha Dickson for $145,000.

Michael Dollman sold property at 13950 Devereaux Court to Michael Mackuliak and Nicole McQuaide for $185,000.

Jennifer Hilty sold property at 11508 Drop Road to Shaun McCusker for $242,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1101 Giulia Drive to Nicholas and Nicole Niggel for $451,205.

Estate of Donna Martz sold property at 12180 Herold Drive to Diane Michel for $189,900.

Christopher Mace sold property at 12341 Maple Lane to Segavepo LLC for $136,000.

Maude Kukie sold property at 2019 Northview Drive to RNRJ Properties LLC for $8,000.

CAMA Self Directed IRA LLC sold property at 10721 Old Trail Road to Jamison Gleich and Alison McClure for $165,000.

John John sold property at 14278 Overholt Drive to Tyler Perhac and Jessica Tuck for $189,900.

Jason Hayes sold property at 9331 Pembroke Circle to Kerry and Molly Ann Anthony for $419,900.

Renee Gaydos sold property at 10280 Roseway Blvd. to Jonathan David and Courtni Renee Lorah for $275,000.

K. Scott Gilkey sold property at 11111 Scotch Hill Road to Christopher Gilkey for $70,000.

James Urban sold property at 893 September Lane to Tyler and Angela Urban for $465,000.

Jake Flick sold property at 10041 South St. to Angela Mullin and Richard Connelly for $158,000.

Estate of Rita Crawford sold property at 2050 Tomco Lane to Timothy and Kimberly Riley for $52,000.

North Irwin

ForLove Construction Inc. sold property at 3 Franklin Ave. to Jeffrey Scott Dary for $39,000.


Joel Goldstein sold property at 241 Riverfront St. to Eric and Kristen Bucklew for $455,000.

Penn Hills

Nicole Lifer sold property at 112 Bavale Drive to Jay Spamer Jr. and Audrea King for $137,500.

Dorey Stabile McCarron sold property at 130 Briarwood Drive to Riana Hoffman for $110,000.

Teresa E Dinzeo Vokish sold property at 811 Cedarwood Drive to Gabriel and Elena Ceccarelli for $140,000.

Harold William Bailey sold property at 809 Churchill Ave. to Joshua Richard Roesch for $134,900.

Homes in America Inc. sold property at 12806 Coral Drive to Michael and Bridget Cuneo for $92,000.

Walter Lockard sold property at 249 Cypress Hill Drive to Larry Johnson for $3,500.

Dinatale Construction Inc. sold property at 314 Dorothy Drive to Erykah Hearn for $122,534.

Eric Bridges sold property at 5744 Front St. to Jerry Amey and April Williams for $149,900.

Estate of Eleanora Musgrove sold property at 12114 Garland Drive to Palak Patel for $34,000.

Marissa Delorenzo sold property at 164 Lois Drive to Chad Cook for $125,000.

James Dougherty sold property at 314 MacFarlane Drive to Adrian Dutrieuille Jr. and Nastasia Thompson for $70,000.

William Sunderman sold property at 139 Mahoning Drive to Zachary D Florek Rydell for $134,000.

Estate of Louis Joseph Pitacciato sold property at 189 McAlister Drive to Kelli Powell for $144,000.

John Jones sold property at 425 Parkridge Drive to Marie Blair for $100,000.

Leonard Hoolahan trustee sold property at 141 Parkwood Drive to Garry H Dupree Jr. for $65,000.

Christopher Betrus sold property at 160 Rose Ave. to Sarah Elizabeth Talley for $127,500.

Estate of Dolores Doak sold property at 6850 Royal Drive to Mikester Management LLC for $14,000.

TPL Income Property Corp. sold property at 5 Ung Drive to Maxmillion Paige and Junsely Reinoso for $230,000.

Antoinette Campbell sold property at 2940 Universal Road to Morgan Patterson for $142,900.

Alex Sawetzka sold property at 5216 Verona Road to Pablo Milton Lopez for $125,000.

Land & Lot LLC sold property at 105 Veronica Drive to Marcell Baas for $49,900.

Kenneth Hastings sold property at 353 Whittier Drive to Joshua and Renee Polk for $79,900.

Robert Bolte sold property at 139 Xavier Drive to Nathan and April Petit for $160,000.

Penn Township

NVR Inc. sold property at an unknown address to Alan Rich for $286,530.

Tony Kottelich sold property at 192 Altman Road to John and Sue Beech for $150,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1003 Black Sands Drive to Daniel Fosco and Lauren Catarinella Fosco for $443,150.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1102 Blackthorne Drive to Douglas and Madelyn Cole for $702,830.

RWS Development RC LTD sold property at 1005 Blueridge Court to Brian Korol and April Sexton for $473,175.

Vicki Bartoli sold property at 6006 Brookside Drive to Donald and Beverly Smith for $450,000.

Craig Snopke sold property at 40 Deerfield Drive to William Edward Glass III and Renee Glass for $315,000.

Gloria Becker sold property at Ironwood Drive to Kutusha and Serena Kumar for $193,000.

Lawson Revocable Trust sold property at 40 Levin Drive to Gabrielle Stull and Joseph Rizzardi for $89,900.

David Brallier sold property at 47 Penn Towne Drive to Christopher and Christa Cerutti for $530,000.

SFG2 Group L.P. sold property at 102 Royal Oaks Court to Diane Bandi for $80,000.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at St. Andrews Court to NVR Inc. for $99,999.

Albert Snyder sold property at 280 Saunders Station Road to Brady and Rachel Herren for $135,000.

Christopher Stirzel sold property at 212 Sunrise Drive to Bryan and Deana Bennett for $272,500.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1092 Wedgewood Drive to NVR Inc. for $72,189.


Violet Musgrave trustee sold property at 817 Taylor Ave. to Darlene Hertzog for $55,062.


Joel Kocur sold property at 2238 Chapparal Drive to Joseph Kurhan for $190,000.

Benedict Dziuban sold property at 1978 Drennen Road to Raymond Leonard and Kelly Marie DeMao for $30,000.

Robert Giancola Jr. sold property at 1103 Elicker Road to Jeremiah Airhart for $242,000.

Andrew Curran sold property at 206 Fiesta Drive to Trent and Kristine Thomas for $176,000.

Greggory Denny sold property at 663 Harborview Drive to Mark Edward and Heather Marie Mancine for $192,000.

Yogi Misra sold property at 8104 Nuttals Grove Road to Jeffrey and Teresa Jamison for $205,000.

Nathaniel Kauric sold property at 5014 Ozark Drive to Joseph Brennan and Gabrielle Sorce for $164,000.

Timothy Stadterman sold property at 8013 Saltsburg Road to Jillian Behrmann and Stephanie Ramser for $108,000.

Mitchell Coates sold property at 429 Shelbourne Drive to Joshua James Martinelli for $264,900.

Joseph Toocheck sold property at 113 Winchester Drive to Benjamin and Jennifer Pleunik for $282,000.

Colonial Pointe Inc. sold property at 196 Winchester Drive to Kraig and Rachel Riley for $64,900.


Rebecca Leff Johnston sold property at 2226 Hampton St. to Dale and Shannon Alleshouse for $189,900.


Matthew Bruno sold property at 141 Bradford Square Drive to Benjamin and Katie Barch for $325,000.

Charles Kunkle sold property at 229 E Fairmont Ave. to Emily Cunningham for $114,900.

Kathleen Baustert sold property at 304 Shadow Wood Court to Anthony Sunseri Jr. and Martha Sunseri for $154,900.

Robert Christian Campbell sold property at 227 Woodlawn Drive to Devan Jones and Corey Weir for $210,000.

Turtle Creek

Roy Kramer sold property at 323 Albert St. to Ranaa Billingsley and Nicole Narvaez Manns for $75,300.

Nina L Toth Fusilli sold property at 610 Boden St. to Jimeet Patel for $30,000.

Jeffrey Hunter sold property at 515 Mercer St. to Christopher Mierzwa for $67,000.


Housing & Urban Development sold property at 350 Frazier Drive to Casey Patrick Collins for $74,011.


Lorraine Bobo sold property at 445-447 Biddle Ave. to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC for $26,500.

925 East End LLC sold property at 925 E End Ave. to Michael and Meredith K Eisen for $471,000.

Michelle Tate sold property at 737 Princeton Blvd. to Samantha McCarley for $26,000.

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