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Eva Marcille’s Sunflower Theme Baby Shower: Photos

Eva Marcille’s Sunflower Theme Baby Shower: Photos

Eva Marcille just shut the entire baby shower game down with a gorgeous and unique theme: sunflowers! The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom, who is expecting her third child, shared an up close and personal look inside her incredible Flower Shower with Home & Design. But be warned, the photos ahead might give you a serious case of party envy. 

The Flower Shower took place in a lush and expansive backyard belonging to Natasha and Drew Maloney, who are close friends of Eva and her husband. The bright yellow theme naturally fit in with all of the trees and greenery and made perfect use of the outdoor space. Everything was decked out in sunflowers — even the swimming pool, which had a sunflower float. Scroll through the photos below for a closer look at Eva’s incredible shower. 

The Table

A poolside table was decked in a sunflower tablecloth, with plush yellow seats on the chairs.

Shot from Above

When you have as stunning of a backyard as Eva does, you can really be creative, as this aerial shot shows.

The Flower Lounge

It was smart to keep the theme going but not overly matchy-matchy by incorporating the yellow into the furniture. How cozy do those chairs look?

Balloon Art

There was some next-level balloon art that looked great placed over the pool’s waterfall features.

Dining Table

Some designers would go super crazy with the theme on the dining table, but Eva’s shows refined elegance with the small sprinkle of flowers.

Maverick’s Bar

Eva used the decorations as a way to confirm that her baby’s name is Maverick. Congratulations on a breathtakingly beautiful baby shower, Maverick — we can’t wait to see you!

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