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Last Look With Wendy Glaister

Last Look With Wendy Glaister

Wendy Glaister of Wendy Glaister Interiors was taught to use an artist’s eye for home design at an early age. She brings a discerning eye to each project, fusing practicality and playfulness, translating her client’s personality and tastes with graceful function and ease, making a room and lending cohesion to the home. 

1. When this generational farming family entertains, they often have between 25 and 40 people. Their twin boys were seniors and a large graduation party was on the horizon … so more seating was needed. All of the upholstery is done in performance fabric so that kids, family and friends may relax and enjoy the space. The two Century sofas are customized to fit the family for maximum comfort. They are tall so this option was a real bonus. Two Lee swivel chairs allow for an easy turn to visit with friends in the kitchen, ottomans were placed at the fireplace for a couple of pull-up seating options, and Theodore Alexander chairs on the far wall provide an extra place to perch. A leather Massoud ottoman grounds the space and adds textural interest. The color scheme is classic and timeless, yet feels fresh and cozy.

2. The artwork was selected because it looks like the beautiful, tree-lined drive from the road to the home … a quintessential two-story white farmhouse, complete with a welcoming front porch. The piece is flanked by two Currey & Co. table lamps, adding a sculptural quality. 

3. The project started as a fireplace upgrade. The original antique fireplace surround was too small. We drew the fireplace to scale and taped it out so the homeowners could visualize the elevation “life-sized.” The sconce lighting was added to connect to the rest of the lighting we specified in the home. It’s a pretty way to add sparkle and atmosphere.

Wendy Glaister
Wendy Glaister


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