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New Greenfield apartment community opens

New Greenfield apartment community opens

GREENFIELD — A new apartment community in Greenfield geared toward artists and entrepreneurs is complete, and all 54 units are either leased or on hold.

Broadway Flats at 210 Center St. is made up of two buildings with one- and two-bedroom apartments available to tenants who make at and below 60 percent of area median income, which is about $31,000 a year. Monthly rents range from $350 to $625.

Amenities in one of the buildings were developed to benefit budding businesspersons while features in the other target artists.

The artistically-inclined complex has studios and a production lounge with a concrete floor, high-surface work tables, sink and stainless-steel counter top.

“We’re really excited to see how those spaces get used and the types of creative activities that happen here,” said Greg Majewski, business development specialist for Fort Wayne-based Keller Development Inc., which developed the project along with Developmental Services out of Columbus.

The building also has a wellness room set up for activities like yoga and meditation and a screening room equipped with cable and a DVD and Blu-ray player.

Across the parking lot, the entrepreneurial-enhanced building offers offices, a conference room, a community room, a fitness facility and a computer room with internet access and printers.

Applicants don’t have to be artists or entrepreneurs, Majewski said, but get preference after elaborating on their endeavors in a questionnaire when they apply for a unit.

Kaylee Brown is an artist and new Broadway Flats resident. Her acrylic paintings were on display in the lobby of her building along with her neighbors’ crochet work and original handbags following the community’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

Brown admitted when she applied for a unit, she did not yet know the community catered to her talents.

“There couldn’t be a better fit for someone like me,” she said. “When you find something out like that when you’re wanting to live somewhere, it just enhances it. It made me definitely want to get in here.”

While she lives in the business-focused building, she’s looking forward to taking advantage of the art amenities on the other side of the parking lot.

“When I get free time, that’s what I plan to do,” she said.

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority awarded $760,000 in tax credits in 2017 to help fund the project. Matt Rayburn, deputy executive director and chief real estate development officer for the IHCDA, applauded Broadway Flats’ entrepreneur- and artist-welcoming atmosphere.

“They’re saying access to affordable housing is more than just a place to live,” he said.

Dawn Gallaway of Keller Development referred to how quickly the community drew attention from interested applicants.

“It’s safe to say this was a need in the city of Greenfield and we are very proud to be able to offer it to the residents here,” she said.

Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell agreed.

“We needed this type of housing, we continue to need that,” he said. “We’re still growing. We’re growing as a city each year and we have to be prepared for that.”


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