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Save Big on the Dyson V10 Motorhead Vacuum

Save Big on the Dyson V10 Motorhead Vacuum

Since Dyson released the V10 Motorhead in 2018, they’ve completely abandoned making cordless vacuums. There’s simply no point in ever going back. This thing has 20% more suction that its predecessor (the V8), a caveman-proof dustbin emptying system, 60 minutes of run-time, drop-in docking (which means you can slot it into a hanger in the wall and it’ll start charging), and as always with Dyson vacuums, Olympic-level flexibility for attacking your home’s most frustrating nooks and crannies.

And for a limited time, it’s $150 off, bringing it down to an affordable $350. Don’t worry that this isn’t the latest model. In all honesty, a Dyson that was released four generations ago is probably still more powerful than whatever vacuum’s sitting in your closet right now. The brand’s just that good. The V10 will serve you just fine; the only argument people generally make against it is the price. Pick one up now, and you’ll be all set for cleaning up on New Year’s Day.

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