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The best original Netflix reality TV shows to watch

The best original Netflix reality TV shows to watch

  • Every year, Netflix releases dozens of original shows and movies, but recently its reality TV programming has caused the most stir.
  • From “Queer Eye” to “Nailed It!” to “Love Is Blind,” the streaming service is increasingly dominating the reality TV landscape.
  • Insider picked 12 original Netflix reality series that are worth your time to binge, especially while many of us are stuck at home.
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More and more, reality TV shows are created to cater to every type of TV viewer. Perhaps you like home design and renovations shows. Maybe dating shows are more your jam — or you like acts of physical endurance. Don’t worry, Netflix has series for all of those people.

While not every show on this list has become a cultural phenomenon like “Love Is Blind,” all 12 are pleasant, feel-good viewing, especially in today’s world. You may be stuck at home, but you can live vicariously through the cast of “Singapore Social” or make decisions for Bear Grylls in “You vs. Wild.” You can get inspiration from designers on “Next in Fashion,” or the pastry chefs on “Sugar Rush.”

Keep scrolling for the 12 best Netflix original reality TV shows to binge.


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