The Home Front: Getaway home design - Jonathan Cartu Industrial & Residential Real Estate Firm
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The Home Front: Getaway home design

The Home Front: Getaway home design

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“His Toronto house is very city, all walnut, very polished, clean and very minimalist, and he really wanted this place to be a light, bright, inviting place that could be a little bit of fun for him when he left the city. The bunk bed room, where his son sleeps, has a nautical theme and even has an octopus stuffie that he calls octi,” she says.

VS0604_Homes - for Rebecca Keillor's Home Front column about Sunshine Coast interior design firm Emerge design - VS Westcoast Homes
Door salvaged from a local garage sale and painted matte yellow by Emerge Design for this Sunshine Coast home. JANIS NICOLAY/jpg

They also wanted to incorporate some Mediterranean design elements, says Weswick.

“It’s a bit of a different experience for the Sunshine Coast, cinder block panelling in the walls, lots of whites, blues and rustic furniture. We wanted rustic, but with a more polished, warm, comfortable feel to it,” she says.


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