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Watch: Bobcat Caught On Camera Outside San Diego Home

Watch: Bobcat Caught On Camera Outside San Diego Home

SAN DIEGO — An apparent bobcat was recently caught creeping outside a San Diego home.

In this video as it appears on the Neighbors app, the animal walks past the camera of a home in the Santa Monica real estate development in San Diego.

Bobcats are members of the cat family along with lions and are often mistaken for mountain lions. However, bobcats are much smaller. They are only one quarter to less than one half the size of mountain lion. They are two or three times as large as a domestic house cat and more muscular, according to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Bobcats tend to weigh about 20 pounds and average about 30 inches in body length. They can stand almost 18 inches high. Despite a common misconception, bobcats do have tails.

They are nocturnal hunters, and they play an important role in containing prey populations. While they aren’t known to be aggressive toward humans, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife recommends precautions to protect pets from bobcats.

  • Off leash pets on trails are at increased risk of becoming prey for mountain lions, bobcats or coyotes, so don’t let your pets roam off leash where they risk encounters with predators.
  • Never approach a wild animal such as a mountain lion, coyote or bobcat.
  • Give them an escape route.
  • Pick up small pets and children.

Ring, the owner of the Neighbors app, is a Patch advertiser. Patch received no compensation for this article.


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